Interscript facilitates and drives debate on advances in the publishing world


The Interscript Journal is looking for the future voices of publishing! Read our call for papers here.

Interscript enables the discussion of recent developments in the publishing industry, through two platforms.

Interscript Online Magazine

On this website, you will find our Online Magazine, showcasing a range of interviews and opinion pieces by academics and industry specialists. Click here for submission guidelines.

Interscript Journal

We publish a fully Open Access peer-reviewed academic journal through UCL Press, providing a platform for international debate on the constantly evolving nature of the publishing industry. Interscript Journal publishes content thematically on a continuous rolling basis. We welcome submissions from academics, researchers and publishing industry professionals. Non-traditional academic contributions are encouraged, and outstanding contributions from postgraduate students may also be considered. To find out more about the Interscript Journal, click here.

Our academic Journal allows experts to publish a wide range of article types free of charge, while our Online Magazine affords authors the chance to stand at the forefront of debates driving the publishing world.

The scope of Interscript encompasses three central discussion points: digital publishing, emerging business models, and scholarly communication.

Topics of interest include:

  • Open Access
  • Developments in digital technologies
  • Disruptive innovation
  • Semantic technologies
  • Social media and publishing
  • Metadata
  • Key players in the communication circuit
  • New marketing tools in publishing
  • Multimedia-enhanced literature
  • Self-publishing
  • Discoverability

The Interscript Journal and Online Magazine are managed by postgraduate students at the UCL Centre for Publishing.


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