Call for Papers

Are you an academic, recent graduate, or postgraduate student involved in publishing studies or research? Have you or do you currently work in the publishing industry? We want YOU to write for us!

We welcome both journal articles and magazine articles from all types backgrounds. Whilst submissions regarding publishing in general may be accepted, we encourage people to write on the following topics related to the publishing industry:

Inclusivity and Diversity
Examples could include:

  • Women in Publishing
  • The LGBTQ community
  • BAME (Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnicities) writers and publishers 
  • Translation
  • The future of academic publishing (Open Access books and journals, metrics, peer review, early career researchers, open data)
  • Digital innovation (content, marketing)

Technological Advancement and Digitisation of Publishing
Examples could include:

  • The rise of Social Media and its uses in publishing
  • Open Access
  • Digital platforms for literature such as eBooks and Audiobooks
  • The Peer Review process
  • Growing importance of data and metadata

See our submissions page for further information on how to prepare your manuscript for submission, who to contact with your questions, and for our peer review policy.