Interscript Team 2017–2018

Sotiria 1.png

Sotiria Kalpachtsi

Managing Editor, Interscript Journal

Sotiria is the managing editor for Interscript Journal and oversees the publication process of the incoming articles. She is interested in language and publishing, data and consumer insights, typesetting and IP rights.


Alex S 1.png

Alex Schmidt

Managing Editor, Online Magazine

Alex is very excited to be working on Interscript this year! Although her publishing experience is primarily in trade marketing, she hopes to get the Interscript team organized and efficient so that they can grow the magazine's influence.


Alex K 1.png

Alex Kind

Associate Editor, Interscript Journal

Alex gets easily excited about scholarly communication. As associate editor of the Interscript journal she is on the lookout for articles on inclusivity and diversity in academic publishing.


Vicky 1.png

Vicky Joss

Associate Editor, Online Magazine

As an Associate Editor for the magazine, Vicky can’t wait to get involved with commissioning some really interesting and progressive content. She is particularly interested in digital innovation and creative technologies.


Akshika 1.png

Akshika Agarwal

Associate Editor, Interscript Journal

Akshika is excited about commissioning and editing research based on gender and inclusivity in this field. Her other interests include: diversity in Publishing, Open Access, and the increasing need for translation as a tool for accessibility.


Hannah 1.png

Hannah Robinson

Associate Editor, Online Magazine

Hannah has worked across magazines and newsletters in content creation and editing. She has joined as an Associate Editor on the Interscript team and hopes to help contribute to the development of the magazine.


Silke 1.png

Silke Davison

Production and Web Editor

Silke has had a little experience in academic and scholarly publishing which drove her desire to be part of the team on Interscript this year. She is excited to see what new and interesting articles she will get to work with!


Heshani 1.png

Heshani Godakande Arachchige

Marketing Manager

Heshani has previously worked in an academic publishing house, and it was through her time there that she realised she wanted to market great texts and bring recognition to deserving writers.



Jessie Brotman

Book Review Editor

Jessie is excited to join the Interscript team as its Book Review Manager. She has previously taken on editing and marketing roles in publishing and beyond, and she looks forward to expanding her academic publishing experience. Bring on the books!



Interscript Team 2016–2017

Clare Turner.png

Clare Turner

Managing Editor


Sarah Gilbert.png

Sarah Gilbert

Academic Editor


Rebecca James Rikowsky

Review Editor


Lauren Harrison.png

Lauren Harrison

Review Editor


George Salter.png

George Salter

Copy Editor

Chloe Meyronnet.png

Chloe Mêyronnet

Marketing Manager


Valentina Vacchelli.png

Valentina Vacchelli

Graphic Designer