Meet the team

claire headshot.jpg

Claire Turner - Managing Editor

I work with and oversee all of the departments of Interscript to ensure high quality content is published in a timely manner and that marketing is delivered effectively to increase brand awareness.


Sarah Gilbert - Academic Editor

As Academic Editor, I am responsible for Interscript's academic submissions and content. My role therefore includes making initial selections, commissioning papers, and coordinating the editorial and peer review processes.



Rebecca James Rikowsky - Review Editor

I edit and commission for Interscript's Online Magazine; whilst also developing public engagement via our social media platforms, performing website maintenance and managing our relationships with contributors.



Lauren Harrison - Review Editor

Commissioning and editing pieces of commentary, reviews and interviews. My position also includes social media engagement and managing relationships with contributors.




George Salter - Copy Editor

I am responsible for the structural editing, final proofreading and formatting of submissions.




Chloë Meyronnet - Marketing Manager

I plan and oversee all communications and marketing activities for the Interscript Journal and Online Magazine. Within this role I also organise events, perform website design and maintenance, and manage relationships with sponsors, UCL Press, and other partners.